Body Conscience...

Our humanhood is wrapped in a skin shell, constantly changing, growing, and dying.  And, we as people, are paralyzed by the moment of being seen.

As a human I have struggled with body image, body ownership, body shame, and, having my shell intruded upon, my entire life. As a woman, and as a human being, we are subjected to catalogue because of our shells color, shape, and the way we choose to breathe beneath it. 


Our ideas of beauty, ideas of femininity, sexuality, masculinity, gender, and morality, are forever being manipulated. The outside, finding its way in, finding a way to inform us, and finding a way to butcher self love so as to convince us that we need to be someone else.  This series is a personal project and in current development. It's a fine art series capturing those that are comfortable, uncomfortable, and all the in between. 

Our self expression and unique energy speaks when we are naked. How we feel about our nakedness. How we choose to move in space, how we own space, and what we try to hide. Shapes and the rating system of body. Being seen, in parts and pieces. Like slices of meat, faceless, and dutiful.

When you take ownership over your skin, and the chatter beneath it, you are always safe, beautiful, powerful, and at peace with the world.

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