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Beneath My Feet 

An Introduction To The Series - How, Why?

This series began as a personal curiosity, documenting moments I discovered beneath my feet, as I walked the streets of NYC. “Stuff” left behind in the wake of someone or something. And nature, breathtaking, colorful nature...


What happened? Who, how, why and what led to these things, and these feelings, being left behind? My head, spinning, as it does, curious and conducting a story soup, answering all these questions, creating characters and ideas about what was, that led to what is…


I am like a newborn baby, mesmerized by shapes, colors, and textures. My mind works in puzzles and I see patterns, and geometry, in everything. I also find beauty in nature, and in what most pass by, or call trash. I see balance and mirrors where there are none, at least, not in “real” time, so, I construct them. I create these mirrors to share the beauty I see, the shapes I see, behind my eyes. And to share what I consider supernatural. 


The meeting place of these photos communicates… When connections are made, it's beautiful, it's magical and it inspires me to investigate another step.


Faces appear in concrete, and insects appear in leaves, somehow the mirror reflects an image or symbol that represents the feeling, the biology, or what could be translated into a message about the situation at foot… It’s wild!


I look up, and I look down, and when you spin your head in this way, not only can you get dizzy, but you collect a visual understanding of the chain links that connect us, and everything around us, all the time. There is no such thing as “coincidence”. It’s like “luck”, there is no such thing. Everything, every, thing, is forensically designed, and connected, everything talks to everything. Letter, by letter, period, by period, comma, by comma, within each breath, and step, by step. 


You, me, us, them, we are never alone, we are all one…. There is no outside, or inside, try separating them and see how that works out.  You are a wizard, I, I am a wizard, and your existence is an ingredient, in a cook book of existence. Salty, Sweet, Spicy, or Mild….. It’s you cookin! If you look, you will find the universe speaking with you, in step, and in kind.

I find myself reflected in these moments, in color, in texture, in feelings. I find myself "matching" these moments so often and it reminds me...

Connective tissue.... Finding that voice that says, yes, you are a part of the picture, yes, there is magic, and you are part of that connective tissue that paints the picture. When you breathe into the world outside of your mind, you will find it singing to you, screaming at you, and begging you to see yourself, everywhere. To see how there is this dance you are a part of, and held in the arms of....


So dance... 


Beneath My feet is currently being curated for book publication and is an ongoing series. All photos were taken on a cell phone. Nothing in these photos were moved, touched, or manipulated. Everything is, as it was, when I stood beside it. 


I hope you enjoy all the visual nuggets and sight discoveries I think these photos inspire. 

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